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Post by lyricgeek on Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:37 pm


Hello, I'm Lyric, geek, headphones, whatever you'd like to call me is fine with me- really. I am the admin of a Camp Half Blood semi-literate roleplaying site which revolves around the lives of demi-gods living at Camp Half Blood. We are currently looking for moderators to help run the site and horse trainers, cabin leaders, nurses and weapon instructors for in-game roleplaying purposes. So are you up for it? Do you think your game enough to survive the life of a demi-god? I doubt it but go right ahead, try to prove me wrong..

What's this site all about?
This semi-literate roleplay site is based off the lives of demi-gods, allowing you to enter Camp Half Blood and see it through your own eyes. Make friends, enemies and live the life of a demi-god!

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