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Rules, please read!

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Rules, please read!

Post by lyricgeek on Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:31 pm


1. In this roleplay, if you are the child of one of the big three it does not mean you are better than the others

2. Your character's talents most revolve around their parents somehow

3. Do not begin roleplaying until your cahracter is accepted by a moderator

4. If you want to be a nurse, horse trainer or even a moderator, message me with reasons why you are worth it

5. This is a semi-lit roleplay, please use proper grammer, make sure your posts make sense and post at least four lines for each roleplaying post

6. No spamming, trolling, flameing or double posting

7. Only seven characters each

8. Only give Drachmas (exlalting karma) to people you think deserve it!

9. No minusing Drachmas (karma) from people unless you are a moderator and have a GOOD reason

10. Use the form and fill it out properly! You may add other information too as long as you have filled out the original information

11. Keep everything PG-13

12. Treat other members in a respectful way, remember- if you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all.

13. Please try to be active

14. No multiple accounts!

15. Do not try and find loop holes in the rules

If any of these rules are breached you will get a warning. 3 warnings= a ban and 3 bans=deletion of your account. Please keep in mind that you can get an autamatic deletion or ban depending on the offence.


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